JCR API – java content repository (JSR 170)

I’ve been following, with an optimistic interest, in the maturity of the JCR API and its various implementations. The expert group lists the usual suspects in the xCM space (with some interesting ones present and some notable ones missing). A workable api (a bunch of Java interfaces) was the result and then we waited for the flood of implementation to surface.

Outside of the usual apache (jackrabbit) implementation, we waited… waited some more…

In the proptrietary ECM space, I’m not sure there is a delivered option for interfacing with the JCR API. Out of the original listing of SMEs, only a handful have created their own JCR connector/implementation — and most are concerned with the open source route. To me, it seems like there was alot of interest in creating this standard, but no financial or business requirement to actually implement it into a product. I can imagine that there a many implementations of jackrabbit (and exo, etc.) built into applications that will never see the light of day.

This leads me to think that federation might be a better approach to creating a standard interface. With the REST paradigm becoming popular, it might be time to look at projects such as jboss’ DNA. This type of repository federation is still in its infancy, but it could provide the type of compatibility we’re looking for without having the ECM vendor alter the products themselves.


~ by dkuntze on January 5, 2009.

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