Economic Downturn

Time Magazine, 1974With all the news lately about the “economic downturn”, etc… I had been quick to point out to my colleagues and friends that I haven’t really been affected by anything directly (indirectly I have — prices, deals, etc…). I don’t work on wall street, or consider the financial sector a big cog in the wheel of the CMS business. Conversely, I think with all the cuts that business make during times like these are usually in more traditional ‘expensive’ media such as print or tv. Electronic marketing has become essentially the genre in which marketers consider that they can get the most bang for the buck as it would seem. CMS vendors typically play right into this thinking if they have strong tools for empowering their users to create rich, engaging content. It would seem that I should have no fears during this recession. But wait…

Last week I had my first taste of bad news. I found out that a small group of friends had been terminated due to the competitive nature of the economic climate. These were smart, intelligent people which made it finally hit home: nobody is completely immune to this problem. The economy has forced even the most well positioned companies to make tough decisions.

I suppose that there was always a part of me that knew that eventually I was going to encounter some bad news, but fortunately it didn’t directly involve me in any way. It also made me conscious of the fact that even in such trying times for people, there are always silver linings.


~ by dkuntze on January 19, 2009.

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